Friday, September 14, 2007

Sushi on the brain....

So it's been raining all night. I had to light candles because the lights kept flickering off and on throughout the night. I had to stay up to complete the webcomic so most of it was drawn in the dark.

I have the biggest urge for some sushi but its 6 in the morning. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some at some point today.

And I've stuck to my goal of not buying any v-games until after midterms. It's been keeping me focused on school mainly. I was finally able to get into the gym tonight and it was packed! I felt like I was fighting for equipment....hmmm...i have another story idea! nah, i'm going to sleep.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I have a new character to introduce, Zing! He pops up at the end of today's webcomic. i've been drawing him for a long time now and I'm glad I get to plop him down on paper! Special note: My fiancee' spotted all of my blacks on this page and the others this week. Good job right? She'll be inking my entire graphic novel a year from now at this rate(watch and see!) Enjoy today' s 5 page opus here:

And yes, Lunar Boy's drinking a non-alcoholic's spicy berry punch! remeber: he's only 8 or 9 here.

New World Order...shiver

So today's my first day of classes this fall.i got to hang out with friends after class. We ate at B&D's in downtown where I had the fattest 1 pound burger. Man, it was good. i'm hungry again...

I've been looking up alot of NWO vids on youtube ever since Nat brought it up. Now, I believe I'm involved in a conspiracy of epic proportions. Maybe I should draw a story about conspiracies and goverment control.........shivers..i'm seeing symbols everywhere!
And Angel Lunar Boy continues his adventures on the "otherside" this week. This time we delve more into the rules of the Limboland Tournament and who qualifies. Check out Lunar Boy Land #53 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at!!!
And for those keeping track, Book 2 is about done! I'm trying to have a set logo by the end of next week, and then it's a matter of sending my pages to the printers!

Friday, September 7, 2007

So I'm up at 4am

So I've been really getting into the whole webcomic thing. I guess it's been a great way of keeping me drawing on a set schedule. But it has it's ups and downs. Sometimes, I'll post a comic I don't really like, such as last weeks (#51) mess.

It was a jumble of bad page layout and awkwardness. But what can you do? Deadlines... Maybe it was just the constant environment shots that look too empty still.......not enough charm to them....

I've been working out again. And putting more time into running. Maybe this year, I'll get around to running that 5k race over the savannah bridge to south carolina. That race seems so epic! But then again, I'm the same guy that;ll down a bag of doritos after a work out so maybe i'm not ready still.

School begins again on Monday....sigh...i need one more week!

On that note,

I'm out posse!
updates Tuesday and Friday!